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Who We Are

  • A patient advocacy website.
  • Helping create happier, healthier patients by increasing patient health literacy.
  • Building a place to find health education provided by accredited organizations near you.
  • We are “The People’s Network” helping to educate others.

Who We Work With

  • Patient health educators for the benefit of the patient.
  • Health education events are provided by:
    • Advocacy Groups
    • Certified Health Educators
    • Community Outreach Organizations
    • Dental Companies
    • Government
    • Hospitals
    • Managed Healthcare Organizations
    • Medical Device Companies
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Vison Companies

What We Believe

  • Patient + Knowledge = Better Health
  • Health education can:
    • Prevent illnesses
    • Speed recovery time
    • Reduce medical errors
  • Patient centric education helps answer questions that are unique to each individual.
  • Learning is an investment in your health.