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Patient Engagement Is The Blockbuster Drug Of The Century.” Leonard Kish

Mission Statement: Our patient centric mission is to improve access to care, self-care and maintenance of health and wellness by increasing the health literacy of all Americans.  To streamline access to patient education across all health sectors in our country, to improve the public’s ability to use essential health education by aligning the skills and abilities of the patients with the demands and complexity of health care services. To help educate, empower and engage patients as a way to create better outcomes and healthier, happier patients.


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NOMINEE FOR: Healthcare & Wellness Award presented by Humana. This award recognizes a business that is contributing to the fields of health and wellness, whether by introducing innovative solutions to the healthcare field or by providing excellent service for individual health and wellness.

January 2019. My Health E is collaborating with the Age Friendly Louisville Team to meet Community Support & Health Services Goals: 1. Increase capacity of community organizations to promote health resource information. 2. Residents of Age-Friendly Louisville will have access to training to feel prepared to support their family and neighbors to “age in place.” 3. Healthcare providers and residents will have greater awareness of the risks of taking opioid medications for pain and the value of alternative pain management strategies.  

WINNER 2019 BEST Health, Fitness and Wellness.

Recipient of 2018 Worksite Wellness Award

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