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Our patient centric mission is to improve access to care, self-care and maintenance of health and wellness by increasing the health literacy of all Americans. To streamline access to patient education across all health sectors in our country, to improve the public’s ability to use essential health education by aligning the skills and abilities of the patients with the demands and complexity of health care services. To help educate, empower and engage patients as a way to create better outcomes and healthier, happier patients.

Health education can: prevent illnesses, speed up recovery time, reduce medical errors and save you money.

MyHealthE (MHE) makes it easier to find helath education that is near you, online, or on demand. MHE is a patient health education advocate website. Health education events and resources on our site are provided by: Medical Groups, Community Outreach Centers, Government, Hospitals, Managed Healthcare, Medical Device Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Vision Care Providers are more. All health education organizations wanting to upload events on MyHealthE.net undergo a vetting process. We reserve the right to approve which organizations may upload their content on our website. Educationl content is created by the organization and is not created by MHE.

Want more attendance at your health education events? Learn how to Create an Event!

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