My Health E is:

A patient advocacy service whose mission is to improve health literacy by removing barriers to access quality, accredited health information and  help patients find local health education classes and events.

Why health literacy is important.

National Assessment of Health Literacy study states that only  12% of U.S. adults have the health literacy proficiency to perform complex health tasks such as using a table to calculate an employee’s share of health insurance costs.

The Institute of Medicine reports that 90 million people, nearly half our adult population, lack health literacy skills needed to understand and act on health information and health system demands.

• Health literacy affect all people, the elderly and chronically ill are most at-risk, and also have the greatest healthcare needs and expenses.

• Health literacy is essential for successful access to care and use of services, self-care of chronic conditions, and maintenance of health and wellness.

• Health literacy is fundamental to healthcare and is required for individuals to have a more active role in decisions, and management.

• Health literacy helps patients navigate through the rapidly changing complexities in healthcare. To include:

Healthcare reform

Medicare and Medicaid

Advancing technologies


Insurance plans

Hospital Network Systems

Patients Win

• My Health E provides convenience and heightens awareness of patient health education classes and events.

• All classes and events are conducted by Healthcare Professionals and open to the public.

• Many of the patient education events are FREE to the public.

Our Mission

Our patient centric mission is to improve access to care, self-care and maintenance of health and wellness by increasing the health literacy proficiency of all Americans.  To streamline access to patient education across all health sectors in our country, to improve the public’s ability to use essential health education by aligning the skills and abilities of the patients with the demands and complexity of health care services. To help educate, empower and engage patients as a way to increase better outcomes and healthier, happier patients.

Together, through collaboration with education providers, we can reduce educational barriers and make patient health education easier to access on My Health E THE PEOPLES HEALTH NETWORK. We need your help. Please ask any and all organizations to list their patient health education events on My Health E