Our Team

Coby Watier, Executive MBA

Patient Advocate, Founder and CEO
20+ Years Healthcare Services and Marketing

“In an era of evolving healthcare changes, the patient is still the most valuable resource. Health education empowers patients to make the best decisions for themselves. It’s time for health educators to collaborate and make it easier for patients to find the right information at the right time.”

Coby earned her Executive MBA from Sullivan University in Kentucky. Her commitment for helping others as a patient advocate and a volunteer firefighter defines her as dedicated leader in social activism.

Today’s Woman: https://www.todayswomannow.com/2018/08/shes-not-afraid-to-try.html/

Paul Klein, PhD

Patient Advocate, Data Scientist
10 years educational research and data analyst with 6 years in medical education. 

Paul is passionate about helping others to live fulfilling and healthy lives, through patient education both in mind and body. He holds a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction (mathematics) along with degrees in Engineering, Philosophy, and Theology (Rome, Italy). Paul has worked in educational research for the past nine years as a researcher and data analyst, including six years in medical education curriculum and evaluation. He currently is the Chief Data Scientist at Intuit Data Labs.

James K. Beggan, Ph.D

Patient Advocate, Director Business Development
20+ Years University of Louisville Sociology Professor

“The emergence of legal basis for patient education; the realization that knowledge, if acted upon can change and improve one’s health; and the rising cost of healthcare; are all indicators that there is value in increasing public health literacy. My goal is to bring together patient educators for the purpose of helping patients have access to health education events.”

James, as consulting editor for The Journal of Psychology has published articles on decision making, ways that psychological processes can impede the accuracy of the judgment, and the representation of sex and gender in mass media. His focus is to help healthcare organizations collaborate with www.myhealthe.net and expand their patient reach.

Corina Watier

Patient Advocate, SMO Director

Corina Watier joined My Health E in 2016 as a Patient Advocate and Social Media Optimization (SMO) Director. She helps increase access to patient health education events.

Her duties include increasing the awareness of My Health E brand, services and events by using a number of social media outlets and communities to generate viral publicity. She drives traffic to www.MyHealthE.net by using RSS feeds, social news and bookmarking sites, as well as social media sites, video and blogging sites.

Corina is the model and spokesperson for the “Learn More” campaign.

In this role she is the face of self-empowerment through health education. This campaign draws awareness to the importance of health education, how empowering health education can be for patients.

Allison Walker MyHealthE 2020 Intern

Health Literacy Advocate, Social Media Manager
2020 Health Enterprises Network Fellow

Allison is a University of Louisville student interested in healthcare. She joined MyHealthE.net and Health Enterprises Network Fellows program because she is is a passionate and ambitious professional interested in learning about the latest innovations in Louisville’s health care ecosystem.

Paula Esterle, BA

Patient Advocate, Marketing Consultant
20+ Years Marketing and Community Advocacy Experience

“Patient education and patient compliance is everything. Patients can expect better results when they get good health education.”

Paula earned her degree from Bellarmine University in Kentucky. Paula for the past twenty years has been worked as a consumer advocate for hearing health issues. She belongs to the Hearing Loss Association of America, Kentuckiana Chapter, which is dedicated to education, advocacy and support.

Helane Miller, MSW, BA Psychology

Patient Advocate, Consultant Healthcare Ethics
30+ Years of Healthcare Experience

“Every person will need a Patient Advocate at some point in their journey thru the HealthCare system — Whether it’s to be a voice or an extra ear.”

Helane is empowering and inspiring through education, experience, and innovative thinking. Founder of CIAO (Consulting Is Another Option), she consults with HealthCare companies, the Pharmaceutical Industry in Compliance/Monitoring, Training, Teaching, Patient Advocacy, Assistance Programs, and Managed Health Care.

SeSe Yennes, MBA

Patient Advocate, Healthcare Executive Consultant
20+ Years of Healthcare Experience

“It’s time we make a real change in the way patients educate themselves. Creating a patient friendly way to access health seminars, just good makes sense.“

SeSe’s knowledge of specialty pharmaceuticals, hospital markets, global healthcare, payer systems and business practices make her a strong contributor. Recipient of Pharmaceutical CEO Award for Women Leading Change 2013 Cardinal Health.

Vicki Dancer, RN, BSN, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

Patient Advocate
30+ Years of Healthcare Experience

“Health education is an investment in your own well-being. It provides better compliance, and helps contain healthcare costs by utilizing resources efficiently and effectively.”

Vicki has extensive knowledge of diagnoses, treatment and prevention of diseases, illness and injury. She has served as an ER nurse, patient educator and consulted with attorneys in malpractice and negligence cases.

David Meece, MBA Executive VP & CFO/CIO

Patient Advocate, Financial Consultant
20+ Years in Financial Services

“The health care paradigm in America will continue to reshape and mature during the foreseeable future. Patients are demanding quality health care. An important aspect of the new paradigm will require individuals to take a more proactive involvement of their health care education, choices and decisions. Solutions such as My Healthe will take advantage of easy to use technologies to access educational events when and where the patient desires. My Health E will deliver value to a patient’s health care quality and outcomes and will serve as one method to manage overall health care costs in the future.”

David serves as an advisor to My Health E in contract review and finance.

Jennifer Vizhnay, BA

Patient Advocate, Chief Administrator
10+ years as an education advocate for the Hispanic community.

“As a wife and mom of two young girls, my family’s health decisions are crucial. I want to make the best informed decisions for them. That is why patient health literacy is so important to me.” Jennifer is our go to person for research and administrative support services. With her multi-lingualism she continues to be a champion to patients, provides support for our customers and serves her community.